the ups and (mainly) downs of coming home

So I’ve been back home for 2 months now and I never realised how difficult adjusting to “normal life” would be.

I thought whilst I was travelling I was still living how I always had.

Waking up, going out with friends, working, making dinner, having no money, going to bed.

I always saw articles online that coming home is the hardest part of travelling, and didn’t really think much of it. I thought I would go straight into my old life and besides, I’d already planned about 5 more trips for when I returned. But adjusting to normal life again has been harder than I thought.

After all, I’d only been away for 9 months, who’d think that’d be such a significant time to completely change your life.

I think the return home after travelling is a world apart from returning home after a holiday.

When you’ve been on holiday you pretty much fall straight back into your regular routine. Same job, same city, same friends.

Returning from travelling, I had to find my feet again. Find a job so I could pay to run my car and save to pay back the money I owed to family members and pay board; and still have enough cash left over to actually be able to live the carefree life I’ve become so accustomed to since being away.

I thought coming home everything would be exactly the way it was when I left. And to some degree it was, my friends were the same, my family were the same. Nothing new had changed in anybody else’s life.

But since returning from travelling I feel like my entire life up to this point has been someone else’s.

To use a cliche, I do think I returned as a completely different person. Travelling definitely helped me “find myself” and gave me a new found confidence and outlook on life.

When I got home I deleted Facebook, unfollowed all the travel accounts on Instagram and stopped checking my Snapchats.

It felt as if everyone had continued with their lives and they were now 9 months ahead of me for everything. New jobs, graduating university, buying houses.

And I had just returned back from the trip of a lifetime yet I had a minus figure bank account, no job prospects and it felt like all my friends had began to be an adult and start the rest of their lives.

One thing to come from travelling is I’ve realised what I really want to do in life and am making the starting steps in a career which will still allow me to enjoy what I do and give the potential for me to carry on travelling with it.

It’s took me a few years and an expensive holiday to Australia to figure my life out, but it’s made me a completely different person to who I was nearly a year ago.

There were some very difficult times adjusting when leaving home and coming back, and to choose a country half way across the world to pick as my first place to move to and doing it by my own, was something I never thought I’d be able to do if you asked me 5 years ago.

No one ever said travelling was easy, but they forgot to mention the difficulties, worries and anxieties that can come along with it.

With all that in mind, I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world. I met some amazing people, lived in beautiful cities, got to experience things that some people could only ever dream of.

And to all the people who thought I was only going to last a few weeks and didn’t believe in me, it gave me the motivation to prove them all wrong.

I do not regret a single moment and I am very fortunate to have a supportive and understanding family and friendship circle.

Here’s to my next adventure, whether it’s in my hometown or after 20 hour flight.

Here’s to living life to the fullest and making everyday count.


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