honey, i’m home!

Where has the time gone?

One minute I’m in Australia and now I’m back in England with my journey (for now) coming to an end.

So after spending nearly 9 months travelling, living and working in Australia, my trip has came to a stop.

It was very sudden and a quick decision to come home and although I am missing Australia and the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want, I am really glad to be back home and with my family.

Spending my last few months in Australia with my best friend though and coming back home with her I think made my transition back home a little bit easier and a bit more bearable.

The last few weeks in oz was spent in Perth with my friend’s family friends (stay with me), who were the loveliest people I’d ever met and couldn’t do enough for us.

There are still thousands of places I never made it to in Australia, I’m probably in the few percentage that goes oz and doesn’t visit Sydney, so I know I will be back over there within the next few years.

After I have saved up a couple more thousand dollars.

I’m currently in the process of trying to sort out claiming my tax back (and possibly super) and so as soon as that is all sorted I will make a post to that. But until then I have quite a few posts I’ve written over the last few months which I need to edit and upload to just update and finish off my overall trip.

I’m now living in York with my sister and so expect a few touristy posts and what to do’s for cities in the UK (and other countries) when I’ve visited my new travel buddies!

Seee ya next time!


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