hostel or a house?

The main thing I wanted to do when I started travelling was get my own place (or at least share) and actually be able to feel like I’m living abroad rather than working and travelling.

I soon found that finding somewhere to live wasn’t as easy or straightforward as I thought. But I couldn’t wait to get out of a hostel and have my own fridge space and somewhere to hang my clothes.

Finding the right house to live in is difficult. Since travelling, I’ve discovered I am way more social than I was back home. If I could find a house with the hostel style social then I would be on to a winner.

After weeks of looking on Gumtree and thousands of other online house share sites, and a few weird potential roomies, I finally found a house within my weekly budget. I said goodbye to the people I’d met at the hostel and made my way to my new home.

The key to finding an enjoyable place to live, I think, is having the right balance of people who you’re living with. I’ve stayed in a few hostels that I haven’t enjoyed, but it has nearly always been down to the people that were staying there.

The house I am currently in is very basic, but it covers everything I was after. Nice clean kitchen and bathroom, not too crowded, friendly people and a great location. It is, in a sense, a smaller, cosier hostel. I’m still sharing a room with 2 other girls, which is a lot better than sharing with 9 other people, but I still have my own space. Plus everyone in the house, is lovely. (Bar the one person who literally never speaks to me or anyone else.)

A major downside though, it’s a bit too quiet. Now, I’m quite a chatty person, and love to find out about peoples days, what they’ve been up to, what they’re doing this week and next. Not everyone in the house is like that. They all do tend to keep themselves to themselves and it can be difficult to try to start and maintain a friendship with the people you’re living with. I have met one girl who is Canadian and we have got a lot in common, it’s just a shame we have completely different schedules so don’t actually see each other too often.

Although I complain about it being too quiet, I know for sure I would complain about it being too noisy. That being said, I cannot wait to move back into a hostel.

From my experience over the last few months, if where I am living is more social, I know I’ll enjoy it a lot more than anywhere else.

I leave my house in a few days before going back to maybe my favourite hostel I’ve stayed in, in preparation for my friend who flies into Melbourne on Thursday. The best thing about this is that even if I hate dislike everyone in the hostel, I know I have my best friend there with me who will equally hate dislike everyone as much as I do.

Which brings me to my favourite thing about living in hostels. Not everyone who is there is in it for the long run. Don’t like someone? No worries, few days time they’ll be on the merry way and you won’t have to worry about seeing them again. (maybe).


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