woooah we’re halfway there

I’m nearing my 6 month mark in my visa, I have 55$ in my bank account (legit), I have a job (omg finally) and I’m still ”””technically””’ homeless….

I am no longer in Melbourne, because it just didn’t work out job wise for me, which is a shame because Melbourne is my second favourite city I’ve visited in Australia.

After Melbourne, we travelled to Tasmania to start farming work!

However, upon arrival.


The working hostel we were at wasn’tย awful but ya know it wasn’t the best. When you go there with the promise of near immediate work and then be told it could be two weeks before you actually start and you’re running out of funds fast, I thought that was my ending point of travelling in Australia.

With limited money and no plan, and feeling a bit defeated, I was ready to pack up my stuff and give up.

So we did what anyone would do and hired a car and travelled around most of Tasmania.

And Tasmania is now my favourite place in the world.

Amy has now gone back home to the UK, so now I’m now in Hobart, freezing cold ย and all by myself for what feels like the first time in forever……

I am working and currently on the hunt for more permanent accommodation, living in a hostel for the next 5/6 months does not appeal to me AT ALL.

But hey at least I’m earning and working with more Aussies.

I wish I could stay in Hobart/Tasmania forever. It’s been two weeks and already I am in love with the city and the island itself. I still have so much to see and so many places to visit.

This is more of a ‘update post’ just so people (if any read this and are interested) know what I am up to and where I am.

I am hoping to try and start posting more regularly, and maybe not necessarily travel related stuff but who knows how that will work out. I can barely post travel posts regularly as it is.

Until next time.

if you want to see more pictures visit my Instagram

or here is my “Tasmania” photo album (of pictures I have taken, SO FAR.)


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