Whitsunday Islands/ Fraser Island

The main two things that people do when they travel the East Coast of Australia are the Whitsunday Islands and Fraser Island.

I was very fortunate to be able to visit both and although the cost of them alone was close to $1000 it was worth every penny (or cent).

Out of the two, I favoured Fraser Island, but I’m not sure if it was due to the group of peopleย I was with and the great weather or that it was just 100x better in general.


The first trip was the Whitsunday Islands, which when you see the pictures on the brochures it looks amazing and it was.

The whole sleeping on a boiling hot boat with no air con with 20 other people was an experience in itself and if I were to do it again I’d save up LOADS and get my own private boat with air conditioning and just me (or at least less than 10 people). That being said it was only two nights of unbearable sleep which was highly outweighed by the actual experience itself.

Our first day on the boat it rained for most of it which was shame, but also a blessing because after that the sun was hot. Queensland in the height of summer is just next level.

If you have hair that isn’t frizzy, Queensland is for you.

We didn’t ask for a ‘party boat’, which is fine because me, alcohol, sail boat and shark infested waters is probably not the best combination, however we did have pretty good nights, inventing BOGA (the latest in boat yoga technology) and trying to get people involved.

The second day on the boat we visited the famous Whitehaven Beach, which if the weather was a bit better, would have been more spectacular, that being said the view was pretty good and won’t be something I’ll ever see again (unless I fork over another $500…..)

We had a few hours on the beach to top up our tans (which I think at that point it wasn’t possible for me to get any darker) and after a while we decided to do what any insane people would do on the beach.

Sand ball fight.

Usually you’d want to avoid getting sand everywhere but when its 98% silica you don’t care because hey its the most expensive exfoliator and teeth whitener you can get on the east coast.

That day we snorkelled, where my unknown fish phobia became 100x more prominent (I don’t think I will ever go snorkelling again, but at least I can say I’ve done it).

The coral and fish we saw was surreal and a few people on our boat were lucky enough to see a reef shark.

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about what we did on the tour as a lot of time is spent on the boat travelling to the locations and learning about the islands.

Overall the Whitsundays is definitely worth it, I personally just think if I were to do it again, less people on the boat might be better, unless you have a party boat or a more lively bunch then it’d be one of the best experiences of your life. (Shout out to Alpa for being the life of the party, can’t wait to see the million photos and videos you took).

Fraser Island

If you do one thing in your life, go to Fraser Island.

The whole experience made my entire trip and is joint first for my favourite place in Australia, (its tied with Hobart/Tasmania. Maybe I just really like islands).

The weather was AWESOME and the people we had on our trip were just the best, including Chris our tour guide. If I were to a Fraser tour again I’d make sure he was my tour guide.

The tour was with Palace Hostels, which talking to other people, I think is the only tour where you have to provide your own food for the 3 days. I won’t go into the whole food situation as that was the lowlight of the trip……..

We were able to pick who we had in our 4WD, who we christened Bruce, and with 7 people in the car it was constant fun.

The tour covered a lot of the Island, Lake Wabby, Champagne Pools, Indian Head, Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, The Pinnacles and the Maheno Shipwreck.

My least favourite place on the island was Lake Wabby. Because fish.

After the 2k walk over a HUGE sand dune we got to the lake and I was greeted by a lake full of fish. The location was lovely and we were the only people there for a whole 5 minutes before other tour groups started to join us.

The Champagne pools were so much fun, even if I did end up injured. We were warned that the waves were strong and the rocks were sharp, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t end up hurting myself.

Eli Creek, possibly is my favourite place on the island. Being a lazy river you can float all the way down and drink the water on the way (if you really wanted to). Next time I’ll be taking a floatie as I did get beached a number of times. Take a bank card or a wad of cash and pay for the plane flight over the island.

Another place with beaches of Silica (Hello Lake McKenzie), it is another pricy spa experience, but worth it.

Driving a 4wd around a sand island was an experience in itself and I would just like to take this moment to crown myself number one driver out of our group and possibly the world….

If I listed each location on Fraser individually I would just be repeating myself but every part of the island is just as amazing as the last. It’s the largest sand island with a rainforest and the purest form of Dingoes, every moment on the island is surreal and if I was a millionaire, I’d go there all the time.

It is very difficult to explain how amazing Fraser Island and the Whitsundays are, and any pictures I take will never do it justice. Watching the sunsets in both locations was amazing. The stars at night were out of this world (literally).

If you have the money to do both, do it. You will not regret it in the slightest.

Shoutout to team Bruce and Whitsunday gang for sending me photos and now im gonna use them as my own ๐Ÿ™‚

Fraser and Whitsunday photos

As always follow my instagram for more pictures


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