East Coast!

Another month has passed, and here I am making another blog post.

My current situation : unemployed and living in a hostel in Melbourne, sad about the fact I spent the last month travelling down the East coast.

Now I have to find a job to continue have fun in Australia.

But instead of applying for jobs (again), I’ll tell you about my trip (it was a good one)

So there I was, getting fed up of living in Brisbane just stuck in the limbo or working all week, going out on the weekend and then having to go back to work the next day hungover. I messaged my friend who was living in Bondi at the time to see what her living situation was, to see if I could live with her and then start working in Sydney instead.

BUT she was in the same position as me, and so we booked the next weeks flight to Cairns, where the original plan was working in a hostel. Different, but we were excited to see where it would take us.

Jump to us landing in Cairns, realising there was no Uber to get us to our hostel (the horror, since when had I became so dependent on an overpriced taxi service).

We got to Cairns and we were not impressed. So what did we do?


Just to clarify, Cairns; for the 5ish days we were there, was so much fun. We met so many cool people in our hostels (and a few people who were just not my cup of tea), but had a really great time.

If you’re in Cairns, check out Travellers Oasis and go to the BBQ (SO WORTH IT) and then visit the Woolshed in town. Cheese factor is through the roof, but with the right group of people, it will be one of your best nights out.

OKay. So there we are East Coast tour booked, and a near empty bank account, but it was so worth it.

We started in Cairns (obviously) and it seemed as if we were the 5% of backpackers that travel South on the East coast.

Whilst in Cairns we went snorkelling at Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef, which was the most surreal experiences ever. I discovered I have a slight (major) phobia of fish on this trip, but swimming with sharks, sting rays and turtles made you forget everything and made the slight panic attacks worth it. (Deep water, snorkels and thousands of fish isn’t a good mix, but I’m still alive so 1 -nil to me.)

Our next stop was Mission Beach, which was….. okay. There isn’t much there and if i was to do the East Coast again, I’d definitely get a car just because you could do more, but Mission Beach was nice. Bare in mind we were travelling in January, peak Australian summertime, and I have an AWESOME tan (and dodgy tan lines) to prove it.

Most people I’ve met went to Mission Beach for the skydiving, but I’m saving my first dive for somewhere just a little bit cooler (New Zealand if I’m not completely bankrupt after my two years in Oz). That being said the hostel we stayed at was pretty cool, not everyday you can lay in a hammock next to wallabies.

Mission Beach was followed by Townsville, where we stayed in the best hostel. Yeah you’re sharing with 9 other people, but when you have free air conditioning and a rooftop pool at $20 something a night, you’re not gonna be complaining. (Seriously, if you do the East Coast, make sure you have air con in your room. I’ve lost a lot of sleep over the last month).

From Townsville  we stayed for 2 nights on Magnetic Island. Which out of the East Coast is number 2 in my top 3 places.

The island is beautiful, and we made friends with some guys and hired a 4WD between the 4 of us which was awesome because PUBLIC TRANSPORT ON THE ISLAND IS NOT GREAT.

We did (more) snorkelling, which I sat out because 1. fish and 2. my snorkel broke #fatheadproblems. But I was more than happy to be the only person sitting on the beaches, because they were amazing.

If you only go to Maggie Island for one day (but what’s the point really…) my recommendation is go to Arthur Bay lookout, the view is amazing, see the rock wallaby’s and then drive up to West Point beach, look out for Koala bears, take a picnic and a few beers and watch the sunset. We were staying at Base so after our beach beers and busy day we were ready to party and could walk 2 seconds and pass out in the safety of our (air conditioned) room.

After our Magnetic Island trip we were back on the Greyhound coach (which had two of my favourite things, air con and free wifi).

A quick 3 hour trip, seriously I think that was the shortest coach trip we had, and we arrived at Airlie Beach (which isn’t a beach) ready for our Whitsunday’s Sailing trip, which I’ll make a separate blog post about here.

If you’re too lazy to read that, long story short, really pretty views and a great experience, however only makes #3 in my top 3 list. I do think that was because 1. the people on our boat weren’t that great (shout out to Alpa, who was the only other party person on board) and 2. it rained so the views weren’t as good as they could have been, but hey it was still pretty fun.

Airlie beach then provided us with the long awaited and dreaded overnight coach trip to Agnes Water.

We arrived at Agnes Water, most people call it Seventeen Seventy, and when we got to our hostel we saw a Python who had just had its birdie breakfast. STRAYA.

We rented another car at Agnes water, because like mission beach, if you didn’t have your own transport you were restricted to the hostel. We did a few walks (one by accident, we still never could find the beach we were looking for) and basically just drove around.

Our second day there we did a surf class which, if you’re around there, $17 for 3 hours including the board hire, is an absolute bargain. Did I stand up? Twice. Did I fall off? Infinitely. Did I get hurt? Of course, this is me, that is my life.

Our next stop was Hervey Bay, our gateway to Fraser Island.

Like the Whitsundays, the post will be here.

But if you were itching to find out my number one spot on the East Coast (and honestly, in life in general) Fraser Island is by far the best thing I have ever done and will ever do.

Not only is the island absolutely  stunning, but we couldn’t have got a better group if we had tried. #TeamBruce.

After our time at Fraser came to an end, we then made our way down to Rainbow Beach. We didn’t do anything in Rainbow Beach except for sleep, we were exhausted, but we were told the beach is similar to Noosa. (Yes, I know good job I’m not a tour planner, I’d be awful).

Rainbow Beach was followed by a few nights in Brisbane (shoutout to the fam for letting us stay again) and met up with our friend from Maggie Island.

Which takes us back to the beginning of this post, here I am unemployed, technically homeless, living in Melbourne with a verrrrry low bank account.

Hopefully my next post will be all smiles and I’ll be a millionaire, or at least have an extra $1000 in my bank account.

I’m off to apply for another 200 bar jobs.

East Coast Photo Album!

For more pictures go to my instagram


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