life’s a beach

so it’s been a while…..

I did so much for the first few weeks, from meeting new friends and working, that I literally didn’t have time to post anything.

This is just a quick post to prove that I am still alive and here and I’m just going to use this post basically to put loads of pictures on of stuff ive done over the last month. follow my snapchatย (leilaaaw) and instagram if you want bc I post a lot regularly on there and there’s more pics ygm

I’m also going to TRY and write a few posts now and then just schedule them to upload automatically bc I am lazy and at least it’ll look like my blog is kind of being updated frequently…….

The posts are going to be…..

How to get your medicare card sorted,

Stradbroke Island

meeting new people.

there are probably other things I should post about but I can barely post once a month bare with (ill link the posts when i have eventually made them and theyre posted)


Until then, enjoy some picturessssss

(the header picture is Rainbow Bay near Snapper Rocks)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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