earning the dollar

one piece of major advice i would give to people coming over to australia is make sure any job referees know you’re using them as a reference!

i very nearly missed out on work because my references had no clue that someone was trying to get in touch with them, which led to me frantically messaging my old boss and anyone else i could get in touch with to pass on the message that i needed a reference asap!

it doesnt sound like to much hard work when its 11am but when the uk is 9 hours behind and you need a reference by 10am uk time thats when youre just like oh crap

thankfully my old boss was awake at 2 am and gave me a mint reference I had a phone call a few hours later saying i’d been offered the job!

okay its only in a sporting club and im pulling pints, clearing tables and making coffees for minimum wage, but when minimum wage is $20+ i’d literally clean toilets with my bare hands (well maybe not but you get the point).

due to the rules of my visa I can only work with an employer for 6 months before i have to move elsewhere, but my bestie is coming over in april anyway so its worked out perfectly.

not only did i get a job that week, i also made a friend (my first proper friend in australia!!! woo) and shes from england so thats great because i have no problem trying to understand what shes trying to say

a difficult thing about travelling solo, or at least for me, is trying to find people who are in the same position you are.

so anyway we went to the racecourse ,i didnt win anything i lost that day…. and i met this girl who is friends of a friend of the child who’s parents are friends with my auntie and uncle, but shes came over to australia like me by herself not really with a plan.

its great because now on days that were both not doing anything i can be like hey wanna do something and thats it sorted ive got plans .

we both hadnt seen a koala or that much wildlife whilst in oz (ants and mozzies dont really make the cut) so we went to the lone pine koala sanctuary. it cost $36 to get in on the door i think at the mo its a little bit cheaper if you book in advance but there are koalas EVERYWHERE AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. i didnt hold or touch one because $150 is A LOT of money and im too poor/cheap atm but i have like two years so whatever

we also saw kangaroos emus snakes platypus all kinds of birds & dingoes, it took about 2 hours to look at everything and it was like 2pm so we went into the city. the beach was not an option because cold and cloudy (seriously, 20° is jeans weather)

all we did in the city was walk around because like i said you know there isnt much, unless we’re completely missing half the city then any brisbane natives let me know what there is for me to do!

one thing i can say brisbane does well is the food, hello dougnut time oh my god.

if youre going to do one thing in brisbane, it should be getting a doughnut and then sitting at southbank and looking at the skyline just as the sun is going down because it is surreal.

a few days after we went to byron bay. it was a 2 hour drive but SO WORTH IT.

literally, the moment we got to the queensland/new south whales border we were just in awe of how beautiful nsw is, and then as soon as we got into byron. wow.

byron beach is by far my favourite beach so far, i personally like it more than sunshine coast or gold coast, the water was clear it was warm the sand and beach was amazing.

the only downside was i didnt get a tan that day 😦 still a paley aley and ive been here nearly a month.

but yeah byron bay i know its a big beach and popular and i now realise why because it is amaze

we then headed to  a mexican restaurant called miss margarita? for burritos and again, amaze.

highlight of that day was driving over brisbane bridge and watching a spider crawl its way out of the air con and across the dashboard causing you to immediately pull over in the emergency stop and try not to freak out.

other than that 10/10 would deffo recommend and will DEFINITELY be going back to byron for longer than 5 hours. (parking is a pain)


once again, you know the drill follow me on instagram, twitter (i have 2..) and snapchat: leilaaaw  as i post pictures and stuff more regularly on there then i post on here.

okay cool love you bye x



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